It’s that time of the year again when we hunt and collect our favorite planners! So let me share with you the Mercury Drugstore’s 2019 Planner: Joyful Daybook!

If you want to see how the last year’s planner looks like, visit my Mercury Drugstore 2018 Planner post on my old blog site.

How to get a free copy of Mercury Drug Store Planner

  • Go to any Mercury Drug Store branch
    • Stocks vary from each branch, so you have to check it’s availability
  • You need 35 Suki points in your Mercury Suki Card to avail the planner for free
  • You can only have claim 3 planners per day
  • 4 colors to choose from: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Violet

How to Quickly Earn 35 Suki Points

For ever P200 worth of purchase on Mercury Drugstore, you earn 1 Suki Point. But you don’t need to consume P7,000 worth of items to earn 35 Suki Points.

From Mercury Drug website, there is a list of Suki Extra Points that you can buy (the list changes on a monthly basis). Some items are equivalent to 3, 5, 10, 15, or even 60 to 100 points!

The Mercury Drug Joyful Daybook 2019

The cover of the planner features an engraved design of the Joyful Daybook 2019. This year’s planner highlights the importance of joyfulness in our lives.


2018 to 2020 Calendars + 2019 List of Holidays

Monthly Calendar

Joyful Daybook 2018 Introduction

It’s time to put JOY in every DAY! A happy mind. A brave heart. A grateful soul. A joyful life.

The Bright Mind

Learn to say NO. Stop judging yourself. Treat yourself like someone you love. A radiant mind is a happy mind. Exercise your mind and body.

60-Day Mood Tracker

Monitor your daily emotions by shading how you’re feeling today!

I Live, Therefor I Am

There is no perfect time or age for you to discover your true purpose in life. The only way to find it is to constantly try!

Finding my Ikigai

Find the reasons why you want to get up in the morning and keep going.

Life’s Too Short, Step it Up!

Conquering your fears and facing new challenges allow you to live better and happier.

Adventure Bingo

We become what we think about. -Earl NightingaleClick To Tweet

Breaking Bad Habits

Make it a Habit

Choose to be Live Productively

How was your Day?

The Gratitude Attitude

30-Day Thankful Challenge

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