I’m here to share with you a webtoon creation by Enjelicious! It is titled “Age Matters” and was published at LINE Webtoon (naver).

I’m so hooked up about this story about a 29-year-old woman (Rose Choi) who was so lost about her life (and love life), and how a 23-year-old guy (Daniel Yoon) changes it! Well, does their age really matter? Find that out by reading!

Aside from that, I think you guys will also love the drawings! The art style of Enjelicious, the artist and author of ‘Age Matters‘, is so light and smooth, colorful and stimulating. It’s so relaxing to look at the pages! And I love how she do her layouts and storyboards. I love the chibi/cute Rose Choi and the animated exaggeration of her feelings (I’m feelin’ it!!!)

Really, here are 5 stars * * * * * for you, Enjelia! (^_^)

age matters - webtoon by enjelicious

LINE Webtoon

As far as I know, Korean folks use the term ‘webtoon‘ the same as how the Japanese folks use ‘manga‘.

The first time I encounter the word webtoon is on School 2017 (Korean drama series about a girl student who draw webtoons). So these are all comics in some form, I suppose.

It’s also my first try to read in LINE Webtoon app, and I highly recommend this webtoon-reader app!

  • There are no other elements cluttered around the pages so you can really focus on reading the webtoon (same goes with the website version).
  • It’s so good you can even play the webtoon’s background music while you are reading the episodes! Honto ni sugoi desu! ほんと に すごい です!
  • You can create an account for free and subscribe to your favorite webtoons, too.

Here’s a screenshot of the website version.

So, if you want to see more of her artworks, or about this webtoon, check out the following links:

Author / Illustrator: Enjelicious on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Patreon

Title of the Webtoon: Age Matters

I think she accepts commission works, too! Just pop her a message.

This article was first published on my old blog at angeloflea.blogspot.com last April 25, 2018.

Images / Artworks © Enjelicious