Collecting action figures is way too expensive, if I may say so.

For someone like me who “won the bread”, this is not a hobby I can regularly sustain. Nevertheless, I hope I can at least collect those that I truly like!

figma Tracer (Overwatch)

My first ever figma is Tracer from Overwatch video game.

To tell you the truth, I literally don’t know who Tracer is. I have never played the game. I just watched a few video clips of it and that’s where I got familiar with Overwatch.

I don’t know if it’s her strikingly yellow-orange fitted pants, her comfy shoes, her pulse pistols, the cool blue light piece on her chest that looks like an arc reactor, or her teleport powers, but I came to like her character.

PM showed me the pictures of the figma Tracer during the pre-order season and I said maybe we should buy one.

figma Tracer Overwatch

So I pre-ordered it from Xplay Collectibles last year. It came on Dec 23 2017 and I picked it up at their shop in Greenhills Shopping Center.

Tip: You might wanna see Xplay Collectibles’s current figma pre-order list.

Good Smile Company may replace defective parts

We noticed that the the chest armor (and boob) parts seemed to be misaligned as the other side was bulging out and has an awkward gap.

So, we reached out back to the seller and we were told to file a ticket at Good Smile’s Customer Support. There’s a chance that they will replace the defective part, Xplay said.

I was afraid that it won’t be possible, but I decided to give it a go and sent a ticket immediately on Dec 30 2017. We didn’t expect responses since it’s already holiday.

figma Tracer Overwatch
Two of the several images we sent together in the ticket.

Then, Good Smile replied on Jan 5 2018. They said they went through a close inspection according to their customer service policy and they offered us a replacement of the body part. Hooray! The customer support also gave us a tracking number since the part will be sent by international registered mail.

Shipped item/s must be picked up at the post office

The item was dispatched on Jan 10 2018 and received by Philippine Customs the next day. Then, it was transferred to the delivery office on the 15th.

Fast forward. Two months have passed. It’s already March and we were still waiting for the delivery of the item. Little did we know that we should actually pick up the item at the post office!

After learning about that tip, we quickly went to the PhilPost office (March 10 2018) and successfully received the item after a few hours.

Tracer got fixed

After replacing the body part, we quickly compared the difference. You can see how the right breast was larger and bulging out. The white armor underneath the chest was a bit tilted to the left, making a big gap between the buckle belt below the blue circle.

figma Tracer Overwatch comparison between the defective part and replacement part

Now, Tracer looks so much better, just as she is supposed to be! Thanks a lot to Good Smile Company for an awesome customer support!

figma Tracer Overwatch

Sorry for the newbie poses and photographs! I’ll practice more so I can take good shots. Hehe!

Will Goblin Slayer be my next figma action figure? Who knows…