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Descendants of the Sun / KBS2
Descendants of the Sun / KBS2

I started watching Kdramas on Viu mobile app since mid of 2017. I became a premium member by December 2017 up to present.

6 Awesome Reasons Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas at Viu

If you have visited my old blog post about Kdrama, you will know that I watch Korean drama series and movies at Viu Philippines. Watching at is free, or you can subscribe for premium membership if you want additional perks.

[1] Great website / mobile app layout and interface

Take a look at their website — it is clean, very user-friendly, and it allows you to select the episode easily. When you are logged in, you can readily bookmark series just below the main video. In additional to that, if you stop in the middle of an episode, the session where you left can be recovered once you go back to that episode again.

Viu mobile app reflects the same interface.

[2] Less annoying ads

Most streaming websites have several ads cluttered all over their site. So each time you click and scroll, there will always be ads popping up!

But with Viu, their ads are placed on the most reasonable spaces on their site, so it doesn’t annoy users like most ads do. There are also a few ad clips before and during the course of an episode, but you can skip most of them or simply wait for it to end.

[3] Let’s you download the episode and watch offline through mobile app

For free viewers, you can download one (1) episode and watch it offline. In order to download the next episode, you have to delete the first video.

But for premium viewers, you can download unlimited episodes (or until your phone storage is full) and watch them all offline. This is what I enjoy the most about using Viu mobile app! If you download them and watch offline, you will not see any ads before the videos, too! Cool, right?

Moreover, you can also watch Korean movies and other Asian series and movies if you are a premium member! Aside from that, you can also have priority viewing, which means you can watch the current episodes as early as 8 hours after the original telecast in South Korea.

Important: The downloaded episodes are just ‘temporarily stored’ in your phone and cannot be copied or transferred as files. However, these are only view-able through the Viu mobile app and will expire after 7 days. Each episode ranges from 100mb to 400mb when downloaded.

[4] Affordable rate for premium membership

If you are a first-time subscriber, you can claim your free 30-day membership from their promo by signing up on their mobile app (this may change or expire without prior notice).

Premium membership rates have changed a few times since last year, so let me just share with you the most updated rates and how you can avail them.

A. Get Viu Premium through you mobile phone load

  • Globe and TM
    • Text Viu99 and send to 8080
    • Click on Go Premium to open your Viu mobile app and activate your Premium subscription
  • Smart, TNT, and Sun
    • Text Viu ON 99 and send to 2948
    • A text message will be sent to your phone containing the PIN
    • Redeem your PIN at viu website
    • (This method seems to be working for Globe as well)

B. Get Viu Premium through Viu partners

[5] Good preview clips on Facebook

Viu regularly posts video previews and short clips of Kdramas. I always check out their Facebook page to watch sneak peeks of random series.

These clips let me get the feels and vibes of each Korean drama, and if I found it interesting, then I can bookmark the series through their mobile app and start watching it as soon as I’m ready. For example, like how this clip made me watch School 2017.

[6] Legal way of streaming Kdramas

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. There are some websites where you can download the episodes for free. In the past, I used to rely on those sites offering pirated copies, too. However, these sites don’t have legal rights to stream and host downloadable episodes. It’s sad when you think about it.

Viu Philippines previously posted a video message to encourage fans to watch Korean dramas in a legal way. Here’s a screenshot from the video.

In other words, Viu have airing/streaming rights. Similarly as GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 channels when they air Koreanobelas in TV. So let’s support our favorite Kdrama actors and actresses by watching legally with!

Aside from that, some download websites have lots of annoying ads (don’t forget about potential malwares). So I believe it is more safe to stream with Viu.

So, if you like these six (6) reasons to watch Korean dramas and movies in Viu, why don’t you give it a try at website or download their mobile app? 🙂

Disclaimer: Viu did not pay me for this blog post. I’m just happy to recommend them as a very satisfied customer.

This article was previously published on my old blog, but I updated this new version for 2018.