Well, well, well!

Facebook, and Instagram, is down early in the morning of March 14, 2019 here in the Philippines (and in other parts of the world, as per news).

They announced it via Twitter post. xD

Nonetheless, Facebook assured its users that it is not a DDoS attack, and that they are currently working on it asap.

However, there are issues surfacing this same day regarding Facebook’s controversial data-sharing deals that are under criminal investigation.

Many people have asked: is this in any way related or pure coincidence?

There is Life Outside Social Media

Facebook being down is a good reminder to all of its users that there is life outside Facebook. As a major channel for communication, most people feel that they suddenly became handicapped.

When did we become so dependent to these social media channels?

Much Bigger Problem than #FacebookDown

Meanwhile… the Philippines, or its capital (to be more specific), is facing a much difficult problem than Facebook being down — most places in Metro Manila are currently experiencing water interruptions (low pressure to no water at all) everyday! 🙁

Let’s just hope that everything gets better soon. Let’s remind ourselves that these are all part of life.

Update: I was able to access Facebook around lunch time the same day.