The Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook: I Love Suki is finally here!

For this year, it was kinda easy for me to grab a copy of their planner (I’ve learned a lot of tricks based on my observations from last year).

They first announced the 2020 Daybook on October 1 and finally revealed the I Love Suki cover design a month after. Then, I got my planner after another month, December 1, 2019. 🙂

4 colors of Mercury Drugstore Planner - 2020 Daybook

Source: Mercury Drugstore Facebook Page

4 Colors of the Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

The planners have 4 colors that showcase certain wisdom and qualities. Since I can only get one, I decided to get whichever color is available. I got the Zesty Orange, which is actually my favorite among the four, so it’s a win-win situation! Yay! 🙂

  1. Zesty Orange
    • Bounce back after your setback.
    • Happiness, courage, determination.
  2. Royal Purple
    • Confidence code.
    • Ambition, power, wealth.
  3. Sultry Red
    • Choose kindness.
    • Energy, action.
  4. Diamond Gray
    • Do it for love.
    • Everlasting love, bond.

How to get a Mercury Drug Store 2020 Daybook?

  1. Go to a Mercury Drugstore branch.
  2. You need to have at least 40 Suki Points to claim a copy of the 2020 Daybook.
    • You earn 1 Suki point for every P200 pesos worth of purchase.
  3. Stocks are limited and may vary per branch, so I recommend that you go to a branch that is not located on malls or near public markets and establishments. (Yung hindi madalas mapuntahan ng mga consumers!)

Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook: I ♥ Suki

If you are up to a vibrant and colorful planner like the Mercury’s 2019 Joyful Daybook, you guys will surely love this year’s design! Let’s check out the content of 2020 Daybook!

2019 to 2021 Calendar with List of 2020 Holidays

Calendar pages of Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Monthly Layout

Inside pages of Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook – Special Pages

Now, let’s take a look at the dedicated pages that can serve as our inspiration and workbook! These special pages now features real models.

The Confidence Code

How you see yourself reflects back to how the world sees you.Click To Tweet

This spread encourages us to be kind to ourselves and be confident to pursue our aspirations. Whenever you feel down or in a tight situation, take a look at this page to boost up your spirit!

The Confidence Code page in Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Fill Your Month with Self-Love

A workbook that will help you figure out the activities that helps you get back on track. For this, we can use colored pencils, pens, or highlighters for this spread.

Fill your month with Self-Love (workbook) in Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Blank Pages with Special Quotes

Walking under the sun in the morning produces Vitamin D, which helps lift up the mood.Click To Tweet

Same from the previous planners of Mercury Drugstore, our 2020 Daybook has lots of blank pages with special quotes and reminders for our daily grind.

Quotes in Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Bounce Back After your Setback!

This spread motivates us to be resilient against failures and setbacks.

Bound Back after Your Setback page - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

30 Days of Being Kind to Your Mind

A 30-day workbook that encourages us to do an activity for each day to help revitalize and take care of our mind, body and emotions. Of course, we can do this for the rest of the months, maybe photocopy this spread or just write another set of 30-days on the other pages. 🙂

30 days of being kind to you mind (checklist) by Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

Seeing Eye to Eye, Learning Heart to Heart

This spread encourages us to have empathy towards the people around us. It covers various tips on how to be compassionate with our loved ones.

Seeing eye to eye, learning heart to heart - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Are You a Good Listener?

This page features a test that helps us assess if we are an awesome or occasional listener, or if we need to be more attentive. so don’t forget to answer this spread and find our how we can improve ourselves to become good listeners!

Are you a good listener - workbook - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Know Your Word Power

Words can make or break you, as the saying goes. In this spread, we can remind ourselves on how powerful words are. Use them wisely and effectively.

Know your Word Power page - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

10-Day Inspiration Challenge

Who doesn’t love time-bounded challenges? Review the 10 challenges on this spread and start achieving them one-by-one. Mercury Drugstore also encourages us to let them know if we finished it!

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10-Day Inspiration Challenge by Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Do it for Love

Here are the “do’s” that will help us show our love to our special someone! Also, take note of the “don’ts” and avoid them!

Do it for Love Tips at Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook

Free Love Stubs

I loooooove this spread! It’s like coupons (stubs) that you can cut and give to your love ones. They can use it to ask you favors, depending on what’s written on the stub. 🙂

Free Love Stubs at Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

Choose Kindness!

Last but not the least, let’s choose kindness! A great reminder to each of us that no matter how big or small, it triggers a chain reaction of kindness. Let us be a channel where this wave of kindness flows!

Choose Kindness page - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

Do Good in Your Neighborhood

Setup in a game of flipping a coin, this challenge helps us contribute good deeds in our neighborhood.

Do good in your neighborhood page - Mercury Drugstore 2020 Planner

And there you go, the Mercury Drugstore 2020 Daybook: I ♥ Suki.

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Do you like it? Well, I like it… very much! Thanks to Mercury Drugstore for this awesome daybook! 🙂