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The messenger that brings good news

And that’s why you’re here.

You found this place on the web because even if we have own own set of differences, we still share the some common interests.

A personal and geeky lifestyle blog

Hello there! My name is Angel Lea.

Most people call me Angel, but no worries; Lea is definitely fine, too.

I am a web designer, gamer, and blogger in the Philippines who loves the geek way of gaminganime, manga, Korean dramas, model kits, action figures, stories, artworks, movies, technology and books.

Studying, imagining stories, and figuring things out through experiments are something that I truly enjoy.

I love food (wait who doesn’t love food?), although cooking is an unknown territory to me. You can follow my kitchen explorations on the blog and find out whether I can win the frying pan wars.

I don’t know about you, but I have a deep admiration for east Asian cultures, mainly Japanese and Korean.

I love coffee and coffee loves me, too; though it can’t stop me from snoozing off.

What’s in here for you?

It’s actually difficult to only talk about the good stuff, but being able to find good in every bad situation is both a gift and a responsibility.

So I decided to spread all the good vibes and positive energy that I can find in my lifetime, and blogging will be my medium.



Life EXP Points

What’s in here for me?

Through this blog, I hope to share with you my journey in finding my ikigaia reason for being — and hopefully, gives you an idea on how to find yours, too (in case you still don’t know it, like me).

Is it your first time hearing that Japanese word? Let’s talk about it soon.

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